Monday, August 18, 2008

August meeting announcement from Tom Hunter

Dear Oberon,

Our August meeting is coming up this Thursday, Aug. 21, at the Farmington Library on 12 Mile Rd. between Orchard Lake Rd. and Farmington Rd. at 6:45. For those who care to gather in the library coffee shop around 5:30, there will be a pre-meeting to discuss among other things, the Hamlet Project.

Even though much remains to be done on the Hamlet Project, we will take a look during the regular meeting at the possibility of an All's Well That Ends Well project, too. Recent productions of that play at the Michigan Shakespeare Festival and at Stratford, Ontario, have inspired a few of us Oberoners to take a closer look at All's Well for its Oxford connections.

Richard Joyrich will speak out about that experience and others which Stratford in particular had to offer, especially the Sonnet program which attempted to set the sonnets (well, maybe about 60-70 of them) into a story.

Also, we might be fortunate enough to hear another chapter from Barbara Burris' novel as it winds its way toward its suspenseful, mysterious and insightful (about authorship) conclusion. Barbara has been diligently working on the project for some time, now. We found the early excerpt which she presented to Oberon some months ago very well done, and we are looking forward to how things are developing.

So please make plans to be with us Thursday evening. We enjoy the participation of each and every one and are looking forward to welcoming prospective new members.

Tom Hunter
Oberon Chair