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Oberon Shakespeare Study Group Speaker’s Bureau

The Oberon Shakespeare Study Group is a local institution dedicated to studying the work published under the pseudonym William Shakespeare, with particular interest in the question of authorship. Our members are highly educated men and women who have dedicated decades to the study of the intriguing puzzle of who wrote Shakespeare. Many have had the results of their inquiry published and have presented at national conferences on the topic. All revere the work of Shakespeare and wish to learn more about the author and his milieu.

  • Richard Joyrich, MD is an Oberon founding member and lifelong devotee of the works of William Shakespeare. He is president of the national organization, Shakespeare Oxford Society and is steeped in knowledge of the plays having seen the entire Shakespeare oeuvre several times. He is intimately familiar with the politics of the anti-Stratfordian community. rjoyrich@aol.com

  • Thomas Townsend is Oberon treasurer and a researcher with particular insight into the human heart of Shakespeare’s works. He will also present at the SF/SOS joint annual conference in Washington DC. townsendtom2@gmail.com

  • Linda Theil is Oberon communications director, a journalist and blogger who has been fascinated by the authorship question for over twenty years and who prides herself on having a generalist’s understanding of the perils and pitfalls of the authorship question. linda.theil@gmail.com

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