Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tom and Joy report from Seattle

Tom Townsend in Seattle, WA

Tom and Joy Townsend are settling into their new life in Seattle. They plan to close on a home in the upper Queen Anne area on July 2, and they had lunch with several members of the Seattle Shakespeare Oxford Society yesterday. Tom said:
The SSOS is made up of great, smart, well-read people (just like Oberon!). Joy and I enjoyed speaking with each of them.  . . . Meetings for the rest of the year have been planned. There is a lot of Shakespeare performed (I’m told) here in Seattle. Some were discussing having meetings just before or after these performances.
Even the weather has been welcoming! Tom reported:
Since we’ve been here the temps have been in the mid 60s to low 70s since we arrived on May 15. There has been scant rain! We continue to miss everyone from the Oberon group and wish everyone the best.
It's good to hear from our good friends and good to know they are enjoying their adventure in the northwest.

International Fountain in Lower Queen Anne, Seattle, WA 
Photos courtesy Tom and Joy Townsend

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Joyrich is a lead donor to new SOF research grant project

by Linda Theil

Oberon Chair Richard Joyrich, MD

Oberon Chair Richard Joyrich, MD, is a Lead Donor to the new Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship Research Grant Program announced June 10 by SOF President John Hamill. The SOF intends to make two to four cash grants to scholars and researchers for the purpose of developing new knowledge bearing on the Shakespeare authorship question. Hamill said:
. . . the (Research Grant) program will begin with $20,000 per year in award funds, half from our endowment and half from members and friends. The grants will be given to members, so please join if you have not already. We have also initiated a Lead Donors Program for those who donate $1,000 or more for this purpose. So far, we are pleased to announce that Ben August, Bonner and Jack Cutting, and Richard Joyrich are Lead Donors.
Joyrich is a past-president of the former Shakespeare Oxford Society and he currently serves on the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship board of trustees. Joyrich said the research grant program was approved by the SOF board at their April 6, 2014 meeting. He said:
I decided to donate because I think that ongoing research into our favorite subject is very important and it sometimes cannot be accomplished due to lack of funds. A group such as the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship should not exist just to provide newsletters and journals. We need to be proactive in trying to spread the word and give credibility to discussing the authorship question and getting it accepted as a legitimate academic pursuit. I hope that the long term future of the SOF Research Grant Program will be to continue and allow such credibility to happen.
Deadline for proposals for the initial round of SOF research grants is August 30, 2014. A selection committee that includes Katherine Chiljan, Bonner Cutting, Ramon Jimenez, John Hamill and Don Rubin will announce awards by November 30, 2014. For a complete description of the program and the rules for participating, see the "Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship Research Grant Program" on SOF website.

Those who wish to donate to the SOF Research Grant Program may contribute online at "Research Grant Program" on the SOF website.

Grant seekers must be SOF members to apply. For information on SOF membership, see "Join the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship" on the SOF website. 

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