Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Michigan Shakespeare Festival in Jackson

To all you are joining Oberon for our annual pilgrimage to the Michigan Shakespeare Festival in Jackson,

Most of us will be attending two plays, Henry V at 2 PM and Macbeth at 7:30 PM (note the time). As Tom has written above we plan to meet on the grounds of the Jackson Community College for a picnic lunch and then go for dinner. I have included directions at the end of this post.

We were planning to go to dinner at Azelea's (formerly Tom's Grill), but when I called their number it was disconnected. They are not listed under Yahoo Yellow Pages either. I can only conclude that they have gone out of business, maybebecause they hosted an Oberon gathering last year. So we need another place to go for dinner. There probably is a new restaurant where Tom's, then Azelia's was, but I have no way to find out about it now. There are other restaurants along Michigan Avenue (the same exit as Azelea's was, but west of US-127 instead of east) such as Bob Evans, Ponderosa, some pizza places. We can probably decide among the people who are there for Henry V where we will go and anyone who may be planning to just meet us for dinner and just go to Macbeth will have to try to call one of us.

If anyone IS planning just to go to dinner, please E-mail me back and tell me so we can maybe make reservations for enough people once we decide on a place.It might be a good idea if everyone going would E-mail me at rjoyrich at aol.com (or Tom H. at rthomhunt at aol.com) anyway so we know what to expect.

Directions to Michigan Shakespeare Festival (2111 Emmons Rd, Jackson at the Potter Center on the campus of Jackson Community College)From Ann Arbor and points east:
1. Get to I-94 going west out of Ann Arbor by your preferred method (note there is a lot of construction EVERYWHERE around here, so leave early. It's also the last day of the Art Festivals)
2. Take exit 142 to US-127 South (towards HUDSON)
3. Take the fourth exit off of US-127 (Hwy 50/McDevitt Road)
4. The ramp curves around. Turn LEFT onto McDevitt Road at the end of the ramp.
5. Go about a mile to the traffic light and turn LEFT onto Hague Road.
6. Go about two miles to Emmons Road and turn RIGHT (be careful, this road comes up suddenly after a lot of empty fields and farms. If you find yourself passing the Community College on your right you have gone too far)
7. Take Emmons Road to the stop sign and turn LEFT on Brown's Lake Road.
8. The parking lot for the Potter Center will be on your left after about 500 yards.

Note: If you get directions from Yahoo, Mapquest, Rand McNally or Google, the directions may be slightly different, but I think this is the easiest way to find.

From Lansing and other points along I-96 (including perhaps Howell, unless you want to brave the construction on US-23 to Ann Arbor):
1. Get to I-96 going east by your preferred method (or from Howell going west)
2. Take exit 106A to US-127 South (towards JACKSON)
3. When you get to I-94 you will have to temporarily go onto I-94 east to continue on US-127 south since they share the same road.
4. Take exit 142 from I-94 to continue onto US-127 south
5. Follow above directions from number 3.


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