Friday, February 22, 2008

February meeting

Hi, Oberon,

Just a reminder that our regular meeting for February is scheduled for Thursday evening, Farmington Library on 12 Mile Rd., room opening at 6:45 pm. We will be back in Room A, the larger of our two regular rooms.

This meeting will be important for planning our activities for 2008. We need to know who is interested in our annual foray into Stratford for a weekend (or at least a day) of Shakespeare. Richard will have the options for us so we can get it organized early this time. (I know we always say that, but this time we mean it!)

We will also make a major advance into the Hamlet Project, which so many of you have so eagerly anticipated.

And don't forget our Treasurer's report. We will have two this time to make up for the one we didn't have time for last time.

We have had some wonderful presentations lately, but I am looking forward to a meeting where we will have time to exchange ideas with each other and to enjoy each other's company.

I'm hoping to see all of you there, weather and all.

Remembering that there is always enough Shakespeare to go around,
I am yours, devoted (as Oxford would say)

Oberon Chair

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