Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Percy Allen Book from 1930

Here's a find that you all may find of interest:

"The Case for Edward de Vere Seventh Earl of Oxford as"Shakespeare"" authored by Percy Allen. It's published by Cecil Palmer Chandos Street London, First Edition 1930 Copyright

I found this at a used bookstore last weekend. Here are the chapters:

I. Introductory
II. Oxford's Poems and Shakespeare
III. Shakespeare in the Lyrics of Lyly's Plays
IV. Oxford in "Venus" and "Lucrece"
V. Oxford in Chapman's Poems
VI. Oxford in the Shakesperean Sonnets
VII. The "Publication Committee" of Elizabethian Drama
VIII. Oxford in the Shakesperean Comedies
IX. Oxford in the Shakesperean Comedies...continued
X. Oxford in the Shakesperean Tragedies
XI. Oxford in the Shakesperean Tragedies...continued
XII. Oxford in the First Folio, and Summary

I'll bring the volume with me to the next Oberon meeting on May 15th.

If anyone has any background information on the author or this publication, please share it!

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