Monday, May 18, 2009

Tom Hunter on this week's Oberon meeting

Hello, Oberon!
Thursday's meeting will be a blockbuster.  Many great developments have been occurring lately which I am eager to share with the group. We will reminisce about the UNbirthday party and kick off planning for next year. Also, we will get a start on our observance of the 400th year of the Sonnets which were published in May, 1609.
Also, Richard is back from the Concordia conference in Portland, Oregon, ready to bring us up to date with what happened there.  And the two Toms will recount their merry adventure across the street at the Farmington Players.
Plus there is a good chance that we will be welcoming new members.
So Thursday can't come soon enough.  Same time, 6:45, same place, Farmington Library on 12 Mile Rd. between Orchard Lake Rd. and Farmington Rd.  See you there!
Tom Hunter
Oberon Chair

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