Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A word to the wise is enough -- ideas on how to share the Oxfordian POV

This brilliant article by James Harkin of the Financial Times spreads light and heat on the post-paper world and could be a primer on how to launch the authorship issue into Jovian orbit: 
The author as performer by James Harkin, Published June 19, 2009 Financial Times (ft.com)

Harkin said: 
When almost everything is available in a digital world of zeroes and ones, the thing that is impossible to duplicate is the intensely involving experience of live performance. The flamboyant talks (TED) described above are rarely interactive in the conventional sense; they don’t encourage any kind of formal participation from the audience. Instead, they speak to a desire for an intellectual experience involving enough to soak up all our attention. James Harkin, FT, 06/19/09

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