Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kositsky reports on Niederkorn's Shapiro review

Oberon Canadian correspondent and Shakespeare authorship expert Lynne Kositsky sends us this update on former New York Times editor William S. Niederkorn's review of James Shapiro's Contested Will: Who Wrote Shakespeare?, "Absolute Will" in the April 2010 edition of The Brooklyn Rail: Critical Perspectives on Arts, Politics and Culture.

Kositsky says:
The truth is getting out! William Niederkorn's review of Shapiro's
book has received another, and bigger, boost. It has been posted by
Critical Mass, the Blog of the National Book Critics Circle Board of
Directors, as an NBCC Featured Review: William S. Niederkorn on Contested Will by James Shapiro.

This news has been picked up and relayed by a number of other book
news observers. Here are the ones I've noticed so far:,+Government+Officials,+Strategists/U.S.+Representatives/John+Hall/0ekE6Lk1tDcdA/1

Please note there is a place to post comments on the Critical Mass
blog where you can show your support!

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