Thursday, September 23, 2010

Richard Paul Roe named Oxfordian of the Year 2010

At last night's Oberon meeting incoming Shakespeare Oxford Society president Richard Joyrich reported that Richard Paul Roe had been named Oxfordian of the Year 2010 at the joint Shakespeare Fellowship/Shakespeare Oxford Society 2010 joint annual conference. A delegation from the conference had traveled to Roe's home in Pasadena, California to make the presentation previous to the public announcement at the conference banquet September 19, 2010 that Roe was unable to attend.

On April 9 this year Roe was honored when the Shakespeare Authorship Research Center at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon was named the Richard Paul and Jane Roe Shakespeare Authorship Research Centre. The center director, Daniel Wright, PhD, said:
The gifts bestowed by this revered colleague and his wife, in sums totaling almost half a million dollars, have gone far to make the institutionalization of the Shakespeare authorship inquiry — in a permanent, academic, and non-political setting for the benefit of scholars on this campus and worldwide — a reality.
In June, Roe privately published his life work, The Shakespeare Guide to Italy, and distributed the book among friends and colleagues. On September 14, Wright announced that the book would be published next year by Harper Collins. Although initial reports gave April as a publication date, conference attendees reported that the date had been changed to November; but this writer has been unable to confirm a publication date with the publisher.

Roe's work is highly esteemed among alternate authorship advocates and the publication of his Italian research is a greatly anticipated event. Congratulations to Roe on his achievement.

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