Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Anonymous trailer assuages fears of double incest plotline

A new Anonymous trailer has been released and is up on Facebook. Rob Frappier at the online movie site ScreenRant reported the release of the "international" trailer in an article titled "Anonymous international trailer"
on August 16, 2011. Frappier said:
If you love the works of Shakespeare, would you still love them if you learned that Shakespeare himself was a fraud? That's just one of the questions director Roland Emmerich is tackling in his new film, Anonymous, an interesting period drama which unravels the conspiracy behind who really wrote Shakespeare's greatest works.
Mark Anderson comments about this new trailer on his Facebook page, Fans of the Book: Shakespeare by Another Name:
For the record, John Orloff -- ANONYMOUS's screenwriter -- recently emailed to say that the movie has Rober Cecil tell Oxford that Oxford is the son of the queen. But even Oxford doesn't believe it! So initial worries about the movie's portrayal of some sort of incest storyline appear to have been overblown. Beyond that, I can only say what I've seen in the trailers released to the public so far. I've reprinted what John emailed me (with his permission) at the link: Anonymous questions: did Queen Elizabeth have children? BTW, he (Orloff) didn't deny the Southampton as secret royal heir storyline. And the above trailer certainly suggests it, too. But Oxford and Southampton as both royal heirs . . . that one appears to have been a bridge too far even for Mr. Emmerich.