Monday, September 12, 2011

Oberon offers Anonymous tour guide

Roland Emmerich’s film,  Anonymous, about the Shakespeare authorship controversy is due out October 28. The film trailer sprawls across the Internet and movie screens, and enormous posters scream “Was Shakespeare a fraud?” in theater lobbies all over the country.

On June 6, Emmerich debated Shakespeare Birthplace Trust director Stanley Wells in London – challenging Wells’ traditional ascription of the Bard’s literary creation to a man from of Stratford-upon-Avon.

Following hard on the heels of James Shapiro’s defense of the status quo, Contested Will: Who Wrote Shakespeare?-- published last year by Scribner -- Emmerich’s star-scattered, CGI-enhanced, scandal-ridden view of the Elizabethan court promises to ruffle the inky feathers of traditionalists who cannot let go of a discredited icon.

If this all sounds too intriguing to ignore, but you need a tour-director to guide you through labyrinthine halls filled with Stratfordian and anti-Stratfordian iconography, please allow us to shine a lantern along the echoing stone corridors of ages past.

The Oberon Shakespeare Study Group is a Michigan institution dedicated to studying the work published under the name William Shakespeare, with particular interest in the question of authorship. Our members are highly educated men and women who have dedicated decades to the study of the intriguing puzzle of who wrote Shakespeare. Many have had the results of their inquiry published and have presented at national conferences on the topic. All revere the work of Shakespeare and wish to learn more about the author and his milieu.

As part of our educational outreach during this unprecedented period of fascination with the subject of Shakespearean authorship, a selection of our membership is available for panel discussions, interviews, and presentations. Our co-founder Richard Joyrich has seen the Emmerich film and is available for discussion. His review of the film is available at "Premier of Anonymous".
Please contact us at mailto:<> for more information.

Schedule of events re: Roland Emmerich’s Shakespeare authorship film, Anonymous

September 7, 2011 North American premier of Roland Emmerich’s film Anonymous at Shakespeare Authorship Studies Conference at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon (Also premiered at Toronto International Film Festival September 9)
September 22, 2011, 6:45 p.m. Farmington Community Library Oberon Shakespeare Study Group monthly meeting features report and review of Anonymous premier by Oberon founder and Shakespeare Oxford Society President Richard Joyrich, MD
October 13-16, 2011 Washington Court Hotel, Washington DC Shakespeare Fellowship/Shakespeare Oxford Society joint annual conference
October 27, 2011 6:45 p.m. Farmington Community Library Oberon Shakespeare Study Group monthly meeting features reports by eight member Oberon contingent to SF/SOS annual conference in Washington DC
October 28, 2011 Roland Emmerich film Anonymous is scheduled to open in wide release in U.S. theaters.
October 29, 2011, 2 p.m. Laurel Park Place Mall Oberon members discuss: "Who's 'Anonymous'? Talk about the Shakespeare authorship question" at the Michigan International Book Festival