Thursday, November 3, 2011

Christopher Paul's review of Beauclerk now in German

Christopher Paul reports that his review of Shakespeare's Lost Kingdom by Charles Beauclerk has been translated into German by the Neue Shake-speare Gesellschaft (New Shake-speare Society) for the current edition of the NEW SHAKE-SPEARE JOURNALChristopher Paul, "Shakespeares verlorenes Königreich," NEUES SHAKE-SPEARE JOURNAL New Series 2 (2011), 13-31. The German-language review is available on-line in PDF format at
Paul's original English version of the review was published in Brief Chronicles II (2010, Print Edition), 244-57, available on the Brief Chronicles website ( at

From the review:

The underlying theme of Beauclerk’s book is based upon two separate Prince Tudor (PT) theories, over which Oxfordians are deeply divided. PT1 posits that the 3rd Earl of Southampton was a changeling begotten by the 17th Earl of Oxford and Queen Elizabeth. PT2 posits that Oxford was a changeling begotten by Princess Elizabeth and Lord Thomas Seymour and incorporates PT1, thereby postulating … well, you do the math. Some PT theorists only believe PT1, others PT2. Still others are adamant that neither theory is correct, and the contention has created a rift that has alienated Oxfordians into opposing camps.
. . .
It is unfortunate that, knowing his history only too well, he plays it so fast and loose. Few of his readers will be deeply knowledgeable about the Tudor era, and those not repulsed with the
premise of Oedipal incest are likely to be lured in, ignorant of the devils in the details, and readily possessed by the skillfully written (notwithstanding purple-patched) PT2 narrative. 
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