Friday, February 24, 2012

Michael Delahoyde will manage Brief Chronicles

Yesterday Brief Chronicles General Editor Roger Stritmatter announced Michael Delahoyde, PhD will replace Gary Goldstein as the new managing editor of the online, interdisciplinary journal of Shakespeare authorship studies. Stritmatter said:
Dr. Michael Delahoyde, Professor of English at Washington State College in Pullman, WN., is the new managing editor of Brief Chronicles. Delahoyde replaces Gary Goldstein, who served for three years in this position. We are appreciative of Mr. Goldstein's service as Managing Editor and delighted to have Dr. Delahoyde, who was for fourteen years been the editor of the Rocky Mountain Review of Languages and Literature, a publication of the NW regional Modern Language Association. Dr. Delahoyde will be managing the journal's submission and peer review process starting this month.
Stritmatter said Delahoyde will manage the journal's submission and peer review process beginning this month. Stritmatter also made a formal call for submissions for the fourth issue, dated 2012/13, of the journal. 
For those of you who are producing active scholarship on the authorship question, particularly from a well-informed Oxfordian perspective, please consider yourself solicited to submit. . . . To submit an article for double-blind peer review please register on the site as a author (be sure to check the "author" box when you register), login, and follow the submission process guidelines under the "author" link on your login page.  Before submitting, please be sure to read our mission statement and some of the articles in previous issues to get an idea of what we like.
All information about Brief Chronicles: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Authorship Studies and the registration and submission process can be found at