Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oberon Chair Richard Joyrich announces May 21, 2012 Oberon meeting

Dear Oberoners,

As you may be aware, Oberon meets the fourth Monday of the month as a rule. However, this month there is a holiday on that day (Memorial Day) and the library would prefer to be closed. Therefore, we will be meeting a week earlier, that is, this coming Monday, May 21.

The place and time are the same as usual (6:45 PM at Bloomfield Township Library 1099 Lone Pine Road [corner of Lone Pine and Telegraph]).

We will have a great time (as we always do). If you were at the last meeting (our Un-Birthday Party) you will recall that we began playing Oxfordian Jeopardy, but we only had time to play the first round. So we will plan to play Double Jeopardy and Final Jeopardy. The questions will be very challenging.

I will also be prepared to discuss some of the highlights of the recent Authorship Studies Conference held last month in Portland, Oregon.

We will discuss plans for an Oberon "road-trip" to Stratford, Ontario.

And of course we will be able to impart any news or exciting developments that we have become aware of in the last month (or earlier).

Don't miss this meeting or you will be sorry.

See you there,
Richard Joyrich