Thursday, July 19, 2012

Order FREE digital Oberon yearbooks from Blurb

For all you info-junkies out there, we have recently taken advantage of Blurb’s new digital book editor and have converted our three existing Oberon Shakespeare Study Group yearbooks to ebook and iBooks format. Yearbook content includes news, reviews, and commentary on the Shakespeare authorship question as published on the Oberon Shakespeare Study Group web-log at

The ebook and iBooks editions of the Oberon yearbooks are available free of charge as downloads from the Blurb catalog. Here are the catalog page URLs for each of the yearbooks:
Oberon Shakespeare Study Group Yearbook 2007-08
Oberon Shakespeare Study Group Yearbook 2009
Oberon Shakespeare Study Group Yearbook 2010

On the order page for each yearbook, you will also see an option to order a print copy of each book. These yearbooks were originally published on demand through Blurb as a means of creating hard copy editions of the posts on the Oberon Shakespeare Study Group web-log for each year since the blog was created in July 2007. The cost of the print editions does not include a mark-up for Oberon, and represents only the cost that Blurb requires to print the book.

The first yearbook edition covers July-Dec. 2007 and all of 2008. The second edition covers all material posted in 2009 and the third edition covers 2010. We are currently editing the 2011 yearbook; when we publish the on-demand print edition of the 2011 yearbook, we will also offer a free ebook and iBooks edition.

You may sample each ebook/iBooks before downloading from the catalog page. You may also read the entire book on the Blurb website by clicking the BOOK PREVIEW badge for each book in the sidebar of the Oberon blog. You can reach me at linda dot theil at gmail dot com if you have any comments or questions.