Thursday, August 16, 2012

Barbara Crowley tribute from Dan Wright

Shakespeare Authorship Research Centre Director Daniel Wright, PhD, reported on the death of Oxfordian Barbara Crowley. LT

9:44 a.m. August 16,2012


I just learned a few minutes ago of the death of one of Oxfordianism’s great leaders, Barbara Crowley.  This astonishing woman and her late husband, John – who among other achievements, served as the Democratic mayor of Pasadena (no small accomplishment!) back in the 80s of Ronald Reagan – were pioneers in advancing the Oxfordian cause when times were tough and the derisive laughs directed at those who disparaged the notion that bookless Stratford Will was the writer, William Shakespeare, were loud and long.  We’re all going to miss her so very much, but we have the legacy of Barbara’s scholarship and dedication to the relentless advance of the case for Edward de Vere to celebrate her life for years and years to come. Barbara and John donated the Barbara and John Crowley Gallery and Exhibition Center in the SARC where, every day, hundreds and hundreds of students file past to study the art and texts on display that record something of the Authorship Question that has turned so many fine minds to the study of the question of who Shakespeare was. Her work and legacy live on….

For Barbara’s commitment to the search for the truth in a world that so often mocks and frustrates that search, we can all be grateful..  She walked a tough road so that others might follow on one less strewn with obstacles.  She often said, in her declining years, that she wanted to live long enough to see Anonymous break forth into the public view, and the triumph of seeing that dream of hers unfold here in Portland, at that film’s world premiere, with Barbara in attendance, is a memory I shall always cherish.  Lift a glass tonight in commemoration of a grand woman, an incomparable woman, a lady of refinement, grace, sunny cheerfulness and inspirational zeal!


Prof Daniel Wright, Ph.D.
Director, The Shakespeare Authorship Research Centre
Concordia University
Portland, OR 97211-6099