Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Next Oberon Meeting-September 24, 2012

This is Richard Joyrich, inviting everyone to come to our next Oberon meeting this coming Monday.

We will be meeting at our new location from about 6:30 PM to 9 PM at our new (perhaps temporary) location. This is the same place we met last month, although only four people came. We need to do better this month! 

You may be asking, "Where is this new location?". I can tell you that (it's also on our blog). The location is the Commerce Township Library. The address is 2869 N. Pontiac Trail in Commerce Township, but the library entrance is actually off of East Library Drive, which in turn is off of Martin Parkway, which in turn is off of the roundabout at Pontiac Trail and M-5.

Here's what you should do: 

If you are coming from I-96 or anywhere to the west or south, you should get onto M-5 going north. Then take that all the way north until it "ends" at the roundabout at Pontiac Trail (which is just north of Maple Road). Then go around the roundabout and take the SECOND exit, basically going "straight across" the roundabout in the same direction you were going (north) instead of turning into Pontiac Trail (which nearly everyone else will be doing). IMPORTANT: In order to do this you need to be in the second to last lane on the right.

You will then be on Martin Parkway and you will see the library ahead of you on the right. You then have to follow Martin Parkway to the next roundabout (a much smaller one) and take the first exit to go right on Library Drive (there will be signs for the library at this point). Then you will get to the Library parking lot and the entrance.

You can also get there by being on Pontiac Trail coming from the east or west. Just follow the roundabout at M-5 around until you can go north on Martin Parkway and then follow as above.

This is actually a lot easier to do than it is to write it down, so don't get worried.

It should be a very good meeting. Aside from our eagerly awaited Treasurer's Report (which we couldn't get last month) and our report of our media presence, we are planning to hear from Robin Browne on "WS 1616-1623". I'm not exactly sure what Robin will be talking about, but I know that he has access to some research that no one else has seen. He has been giving us "snippets" of it at previous meetings and it sounds fascinating!

We will also be talking about the upcoming SF/SOS Joint Conference to be held in Pasadena from October 18-21. It is not too late to register for this. Check out the websites for SF ( or SOS ( for more information.

There are many upcoming local events that we can plan for as well.

Don't miss it!