Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 2013 Oberon Meeting Announcement

Happy New Year! 

Our first meeting of 2013 is coming up fast. We will be meeting this coming Monday, January 28, at 6:45 PM at the Bloomfield Township Library (1099 Lone Pine Road)

The Library is located on the northeast corner of Lone Pine Rd and Telegraph Rd although the entrance to the parking lot is off of a side road (Timberlake Rd). To get there, go east on Lone Pine Rd from Telegraph and then turn right at the first street you come to (it's actually pretty obvious where to turn because you will see the library there).

Although I'm not positive about it, I believe that our meeting room will be down the stairs you come to when you enter the library.

Among the usual exchange of information and updates on upcoming events we will be hearing from Tom Townsend, our Chair, on the topic of Shakespeare's amount of "learning" and comparison of his "signatures" with other contemporary signatures. It is a fascinating topic with obvious importance in the question of the authorship of the plays.

I'm sure you will all want to attend the meeting. 

By the way, January is our traditional time to collect our Oberon membership dues. They remain at last year's level ($15). So, as Iago says (Othello, Act I, scene 3), "Put money in thy purse" when you come to the meeting on Monday. Yes, despite his reputation, Iago has good advice sometimes.

2013 is shaping up to be a very interesting year for the Authorship Question. Let's share it together. See you on Monday.