Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Wyneken works with Eagan-Donovan to bring Oxfordian film to Michigan

Film maker Cheryl Eagan-Donovan sent us the following information about her new Shakespeare authorship film, Nothing is Truer than Truth, and an exciting project she is working on with fellow Oberon member, Matt Wyneken.

by Cheryl Eagan-Donovan

Invitations have started coming in from around the world to screen the film and talk about the educational outreach program we have designed to address the issue of bullying in schools through the use of Shakespeare’s plays and poems and the identity of the author. 

We have been invited to screen the film at the Bergen International Film Festival in Norway, in affiliation with the University of Bergen, and at the University of Michigan by Matthew Wyneken, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education. Professor Wyneken also serves as Coordinator of Elementary Education Mathematics, and Program Faculty for The Detroit Teacher Project at the University of Michigan-Flint Department of Education. 

Matthew Wyneken, PhD in Stratford, Ontario, 2014.

Professor Wyneken is a member of the Oberon Shakespeare Study Group and hosted Charles Beauclerk’s visit to the university in 1994. He has suggested reaching out to other Oberon members, teachers and University of Michigan faculty, and area high schools for the screening. 

We are very excited about these opportunities to present NOTHING IS TRUER THAN TRUTH to the academic community but we still need to raise funds to finish the film. 

To complete the film, we have launched a Kickstarter Fundraising campaign and have only 5 days left to raise $13,000 to meet our goal. We need lots of backers, with donations in any amount, to make our target. If we don't, we will receive nothing. Our sincere thanks to the many members of the Oberon group have generously supported the film project.  Please help us make our goal by sharing this link with friends and colleagues:

Here is the link: http://kck.st/1JB2NaY 

Thank you very much for helping make history, because it really does matter who wrote “Shake-speare.” 

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