Sunday, January 3, 2016

Nina's choice

Dugdales's Antiquities of Warwickshire Illustrated (1656) online, p. 520

Canadian, Shakespeare-authorship researcher Nina Green gave her Phaeton email discussion-group a new year's gift in her December 31, 2015 message titled "Bookmarks". Green gave us permission to share her insight and her treasure trove of online resources with Oberon readers. Thanks, Nina!

Nina Green said:
I'm going to be away from my home computer for a while, so I've been transferring bookmarks to the laptop I'm taking with me. I thought Phaeton members and other Oxfordians might find some of them useful for Oxfordian research. The only two which are paid subscriptions are the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and the Oxford English Dictionary, but the ODNB features an interesting biography every day which is free. 
Incidentally, and on a slightly different topic, I continue to find it absolutely amazing that one can access such an enormous number of old books online nowadays, thanks to the wonderful website, and the Google digitization project. 
We all owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the latter two, as well as to all the painstaking writers who in the late 1700s, 1800s and early 1900s researched their local English families and communities, and published the results of their work. Without those early researchers, many of them amateurs, much of that invaluable information would be almost inaccessible -- and because of them, and because of and the Google digitization project, it's available free online. 
Anyway, here's the list of bookmarks, and hopefully there will be something to interest you.
Nina Green
Nina's Choice

Nina Green's The Oxford Authorship Site
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
Oxford English Dictionary
National Archives Will Search
Genealogical Journals
Herle Project
Henslowe's Diary
Loseley MSS at Folger
Surrey History Center (Loseley MSS)
Who's Who of Tudor Women
Essex Record Office
Titled Elizabethans
Shakespeare Documented
Handbook of Dates
British History Online
Digital Renaissance
Rutland Manuscripts
Inquisitions Post Mortem
Oxford Index
Alan Nelson
Shakespeare Search
Pipe Rolls
List of Women at Tudor Court
Digest of Property Law
Earls Colne Project

Nina Green may be contacted at: devere at telus dot net.