Friday, April 22, 2016

German anti-Strat films to be screened this week by ARTE

Screen shot of Is Shakespeare Dead? author Mark Twain from Claus Bredenbrock's new, 
anti-Strat film, Ist Shakespeare Tot?/Shakespeare Est il Mort?, to be aired
this coming week by European cultural TV broadcaster ARTE.
by Linda Theil

Neue Shake-speareGesellschaft (New Shakespeare Society) board member Hanno Wember of Hamburg, Germany reports that European cultural television broadcaster ARTE will air two anti-Stratfordian films in Germany and France this week.

On April 24, 2016, the award-winning 2014 German authorship film, Der Nackte Shakespeare (The Naked Shakespeare) by Claus Bredenbrock and its French translation Shakespeare Mis a Nu (Shakespeare Exposed) will be broadcast. This film was screened in North America at the 2013 SOS/SF authorship conference in Toronto, Ontario.

Bredenbrock's 2016 sequel to Der Nackte Shakespeare -- titled in French Shakespeare Est il Mortand in German Ist Shakespeare Tot? -- is based on Mark Twain's 1909 anti-Strat book Is Shakespeare Dead?. This film will be broadcast in Germany and France on April 27, 2016. There is no English version available.

Hanno Wember translated Twain's Is Shakespeare Dead? into German at Bredenbrock's suggestion, and the film is based on Wember's translation. The translation, Ist Shakespeare Tot?, was published last year by Stratos Verlag and is available from Amazon/Germany.


Note: re updates on no English translation and use of Wember translation in production of film were added May 3, 2016.