Friday, September 7, 2007

New Novels to Look Out For

Earl Showerman has told me (and the other members of our Joint Committee for putting on the upcoming Conference in Carmel) about an upcoming novel by Jennifer Lee Carrell called "Interred With Their Bones" due to be published in "early September". Earl somehow got an advance manuscript copy and he is two-thirds through reading it. It seems that the novel is going in an Oxfordian direction (although Earl didn't want to "spoil" it for us). He is going to invite the author to try to attend the Carmel Conference to do some book signings and maybe speak to us. She has a good academic background including a PhD in English from Harvard. Reading about the book on her website, it seems like it will be interesting, but I can't tell from what is on the website whether she is really an Oxfordian, but there are many good links on her site to information on the Authorship. The book is about a murder and then the search for clues to a "Shakespearian puzzle" I know it has to do with finding lost manuscripts of Shakespeare, including the long-lost play Cardenio.

Then, I heard from Matthew Cosollotto (who was on the conference call with Earl and I) about another novel, this time definitely Oxfordian, by some friends of his, Toni and Stephen Downs. This is called "The Hidden Lie" and is a mystery starring Bob Hastings, "a working class self-educated Shakespeare scholar from the North of England" (description from the website description of the book). I am quite sure that this character is based on Derran Charlton and there seems to be many other characters based on "real Oxfordians" This book is available now on the website (yes, I already ordered my copy)

So much reading ahead for all of us!

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