Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oberon meeting Thurs., Sept.20

Dear Oberon,

Well, now. We are meeting at just the right time--next Thursday, Sept 20 at 6:45 at the Farmington Community Library, which apparently has become our comfortable new home. It's the right time for updates about the Declaration of Reasonable Doubt authored by the Shakespeare Authorship Coalition which many of you signed and which is creating quite a stir in England, having been presented by Derek Jacobi and Mark Rylance this past week to a responsive public! Not bad company to be in. And this right after Prof. Jonathan Bate, from up high on his Stratfordian throne, declared that no major actors have ever doubted Stratford Bill (my term not his, of course) as the true author.

I say let's start with this glaring error and take a systematic look at the rest of what Prof. Bate has said on the subject!

By the way, a report just in from John Shahan, one of the originators of the Declaration, that whereas we had just under 300 signers when Jacobi and Rylance made the announcement, we now have 1,000! Nothing truer than truth, as they say.

Anyway, we should have a rollicking good time with this and with the other stuff we will cover at this meeting. We will have updates on our October meeting featuring Lonnie Morley re herbs in Shakespeare and what that tells us about authorship. Also a report from our techno phenom Linda who will also update us, I'm sure, on how her garden grows. If the fates are kind, we will have our Treasurer's Report! Also, we will forge ahead with the Hamlet Project.

Then, if we are especially fortunate and Robin attends, we will have cookies from Rosey!

So it will be good to get together again. And not a moment too soon. If we haven't seen you recently, please make a special effort to stop by. This is a good time for Oberon.

Oberon Chair

P.S. from Linda: Tom, I just gave my labyrinth a haircut and it is looking good for our 3 p.m. Sunday, September 23 Autumn Pot Luck. All Oberons and guests are welcome; send me an email and I'll send you a map. L.

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