Saturday, April 18, 2009

Justice John Paul Stevens says YES to Oxford

Dear Oberon,
Justice Stevens of the U.S. Supreme Court was reported in the Wall Street Journal  to have come down on Oxford's side in the authorship controversy.
We all knew this but here are two amazing things:
  • It's the WALL STREET JOURNAL reporting it
  • The poll in the article of all the judges adds up to NINE not supporting Stratford Will to THREE supporting him.  There were 3 pro Oxford, 1 specifically against Stratford but not pro anyone, 3 pro Stratford, which makes it 4-3 AGAINST Stratford.  The remaining opinions were "no comment," "no idea," and "no informed views," which according to my math puts the United States Supreme Court overwhelmingly in the Reasonable Doubt column.
We have just taken a huge leap forward.
Enjoy the day.
Tom Hunter

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