Sunday, August 2, 2009

John Neville Andrews says "Even the Oberon people like to be entertained."

Rosey Hunter, MSF Managing Director Robert Duha and Oberon Chair Tom Hunter at Knights in Jackson

Yes, indeed, the Oberon people do like to be entertained and we were richly rewarded at our annual Michigan Shakespeare Festival outing yesterday. Among our pleasures, was dinner at Knights with MSF Managing Director Robert Duha where we learned of a Jackson Citizen Patriot article featuring commentary from our own fearless leader, R. Thomas Hunter, PhD. The story -- in which MSF Artistic Director John Neville Andrews commented on Oberons' penchant for frivolity -- was published July 14, 2009, and is titled: "Did he or did he not? Questions exist over the authorship of Shakespeare's works" by John Sadowski. Read for yourself to find out which side Tom favored.

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