Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tom Hunter comments on Shahan/Shermer discussion on CHQR

Anyone who missed the interview with John Shahan and Michael Shermer last night on AM770 CHQR in Calgary can still download a podcast.

Mr Shermer generally came up with the same lame points he made in the the Scientific American. John Shahan did an admirable job of answering them with good detail. It is the same maddening exercise, I would venture, that most of us by now have experienced: the repetition of irrelevant if not outright inaccurate arguments by the traditionalists, the wandering focus of the moderator, and the detailed, substantive answers by the Oxfordian pretty much ignored.

John Shahan should be commended for having the courage to take this on and for the undoubted notice that I am sure at least some of his argument gave to careful, open-minded listeners who are invariably among such an audience. In this way by small steps we progress.

Tom Hunter

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