Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All's Well HD broadcast from NT

The University Musical Society is sponsoring a presentation of All's Well That Ends Well broadcast in High Definition from the National Theater at 5 p.m. October 11 in the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor. Tickets are $22. Is this a harbinger of future HD broadcasts inspired by the success of the Met's opera simulcasts?

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Richard Joyrich said...

Don't miss this opportunity to see this rarely performed play. Next to Hamlet, it is (in my opinion) the most autobiographical of Shakespeare's plays.

It concerns a young nobleman whose father dies, leaving him a ward of court. He then marries a "commoner" who the ruler "enobles" so that she is more his "social equal". He "runs away" from the marriage to go abroad and is forced to return. He is duped into a "bed trick". He has somewhat disreputable friends who betray him.

It sure sounds a lot like Edward deVere to me.