Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sally Jenkins live discussion of Post article

Click here to see a transcript of the live discussion with Sally Jenkins held at noon on Aug. 31, 2009.

I thought the discussion was pretty lame. Every time an anti-Strat made a comment, she didn't respond, she just dismissed the comment as if she'd found something dirty on her shoe. Here's an example:
Anonymous: There are a plethora of red flags that pop up in the Stratford Man's pretension of having created the Shakespeare canon. You mention none of them. Why is there not a single dedication to Shakespeare? Why not a single link between the works and the man from Stratford until 1623? How could an uneducated man, before public libraries and the first english dictionary, bring 3,000 new words into our language? Surely a highly tutored royal, with time to spare, and experts to hire, would be a more plausibe author, don't you think? read what "amateur" Walt Whitman says on the matter!
Sally Jenkins: A classic statement of anti-man-from-Stratford sentiment. Thanks for writing.

Still, they say all publicity is good publicity.

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Richard Joyrich said...

I agree that she side-stepped the "anti-Stratfordian" questions, but she did mention (or allow to be mentioned) some good Oxfordian links, so maybe people will try them out.