Monday, March 15, 2010

O'Beron meets March 17

Dear Oberon,

Be with us at our Oberon meeting this Wednesday evening at the Farmington Library to welcome in a very green Michigan springtime on St. Patty’s Day.

As the leprechauns sitting beneath the shamrocks say, those Shakespeare folk are not called O’Beron for nothing.

We will take up exactly where we left off in discovering what there is about Shakespeare’s writing that makes it Shakespeare.

We will also be making plans for our Unbirthday Party next month which we are hoping will include a visit by Ann Arbor’s Rude Mechanicals. 

Plus there is the James Shapiro treatise on authorship, called Contested Will, coming out on April 1 (that’s no joke) and a report by yours truly.

Finally we need to be planning our Michigan Shakespeare Festival outing for this year and the two presentations which we will be making there to the assembled multitude.

It will be the usual rollicking good time.  See you Wednesday.

Yours in grateful service,
Tom Hunter, Chair

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