Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wainwright on "Sonnet 10"

Rufus Wainwright talks about his response to Shakespeare in this brilliant interview by Tim Adams, "I was looking right into her face when my mother died" published February 21, 2010 in The Guardian:
When Wainwright was working with Shakespeare's sonnets, he says – he was asked to help create a theatrical cycle of them for the Berliner Ensemble – he found all sorts of echoes of these kinds of experiences in them. One of the sonnets he includes on his album is Sonnet 10, "For shame deny that thou bear'st love to any", and he didn't need to research the scholarly opinion on the "poet", the "dark lady" and the "beautiful boy" to understand that this was the first great coming-out poem in the English language. "I knew immediately, instinctively, that this was the point where the poet first admits his love for the boy. And it is sort of the beginning of the avalanche. I remembered that moment very well…"

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