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SF/SOS Annual conference agenda from SF President Earl Showerman

Shakespeare Fellowship President Earl Showerman sent this report on the annual joint conference of the Shakespeare Fellowship and the Shakespeare Authorship Society.
For more information about conference accommodations, see Ashland SF/SOS Conference Registration on the SOS News Online site.

The Ashland Authorship Conference
September 16–19, 2010
Ashland Springs Hotel
by Earl Showerman

The program for sixth annual joint conference of the Shakespeare Fellowship and the Shakespeare Oxford Society in Ashland, Oregon features over 30 scholarly presentations and dramatic performances. This season is the 75th anniversary of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and the conference will be addressed by both Artistic Director, Bill Rauch, and Executive Director, Paul Nicholson.  The education program features presentations directed toward the plays in production including panel discussions with actors from OSF.

On-site registration check-in will begin at 9:00 AM on September 16, and the education program will begin at 10:00 AM. The conference registration includes an opening reception with appetizers on the 16th, buffet lunches on day two and three, and the annual awards banquet at the conclusion of the conference on the afternoon of the 19th. For a limited time, group tickets to three OSF productions, The Merchant of Venice, Hamlet, and 1Henry IV, are still available and may still be purchased with conference registration until August 20, when the group order will close.  

Saturday afternoon will be dedicated to performances with music provided by the lute duet Mignarda, Ron Andrico and Donna Stewart, creators of My Lord of Oxenford’s Maske. OSF all-star Robin Goodrin-Nordli will present her original show, Bard Babes, and Keir Cutler will give an encore performance of his adaptation of Mark Twain’s satire, Is Shakespeare Dead? The afternoon will conclude with a signing ceremony for the ‘Declaration of Reasonable Doubt’.

For further information or to register, consult the websites of the Shakespeare Fellowship or Shakespeare Oxford Society, or write to the local coordinator at
Daily Schedule
Thursday: September 16
Music by Mignarda with Ron Andrico and Donna Stewart
CANCELLED by Prof Daniel Wright: James Shapiro’s Premature Declaration of Fraud in MS 294
Prof  Tom Gage: The Bone in the Elephant's Heart
Dr. Tom Hunter: The Invention of the Human in Shylock
Dr. Earl Showerman:  Shakespeare’s Shylock and the Strange Case of Gaspar Ribeiro
Cheryl Eagan-Donovan: Shakespeare’s Ideal: Sexuality and Gender Identity in The Merchant of Venice
Dr. Marty Hyatt: Teaching Heavy Ignorance Aloft to Fly
Conference Opening Reception - Ashland Springs Hotel Conservatory & Garden
Merchant of Venice at OSF Elizabethan Theatre

Friday: September 17
Shakespeare Fellowship Annual Meeting
Richard Whalen: ‘Goats and Monkeys!’ Othello’s Outburst Recalls a Fresco in Bassano, Italy
Dr. Frank Davis: The “Unlearned” versus the “Learned” Shakespeare
Prof Jack Shuttleworth: Hamlet and Its Mysteries: An Oxfordian Editor’s View
Merchant of Venice Panel: Tom Hunter, Tom Regnier & OSF Actors
Bill Rauch: Artistic Director of OSF and Director of Hamlet and Merchant of Venice
Prof Roger Stritmatter: The “Little Eyases” and the “Innovation” of 1589
Katherine Chiljan: Twelve "Too Early" Allusions to Shakespeare's Hamlet
Tom Regnier: Hamlet’s  Law
Prof Sam Saunders: The Odds on Hamlet’s Odds
Prof Helen Gordon: The Symbols in Hamlet: An Oxfordian Interpretation
Hamlet at OSF Bowmer Theatre

Saturday: September 18
Shakespeare-Oxford Society Annual MeetingHank Whittemore: The Birth and Growth of Prince Hal: Why did Oxford write The Famous Victories of Henry the Fifth?
Marie Merkel – "In the Fit of Miming": A brief history of Sir John Falstaffe and the "whole school of tongues" in his bellyLynne Kositsky: The Young Adult Novel Minerva's Voyage and its Relationship to True Reportory and Minerva BritannaHamlet panel: Prof Ren Draya, Jack Shuttleworth & OSF ActorsMusic by Mignarda
Robin Goodrin Nordli: Bard BabesKeir Cutler: Is Shakespeare Dead?“Declaration of Reasonable Doubt” Signing Ceremony with John Shahan, Paul Nicholson, Executive Director at OSF, and other signatories1Henry IV at OSF Elizabethan Theatre

Sunday: September 19
William Ray: Proofs of Oxfordian Authorship in the Shakespearean Apocrypha
Bonner Cutting: Let the Punishment Fit the Crime
John Hamill – Bisexuality, Bastardy, Avisa and Antonio Perez Revisited
Michael Cecil: Revisiting the 1st Baron Burghley’s Precepts for the Well Ordering and Carriage of a Man’s Life
Henry IV Panel: Felicia Londré  & OSF Actors
2010 Annual Joint Conference Awards Banquet 

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