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BSA "Sources . . ." conference to be held Sept. 9-11, 2011

The British Shakespeare Association in association with the University of Cambridge, the Association of Adaptation Studies, and the Cambridge Marlowe Society will host it's fifth biennial conference titled Shakespeare: Sources and Adaptation on September 9-11, 2011 at the University of Cambridge.

The BSA describes itself as " . . . a professional association of teachers, researchers, theatre practitioners, writers and anyone who regularly works with Shakespeare's plays and poems. The BSA was established in 2002 and has run a number of events since then aimed at furthering public knowledge of Shakespeare's works."
Shakespearean authorship skeptics may find the topic of Shakespeare's sources to be of interest, especially since the question of how the traditionally ascribed author from Stratford could have gained access to Shakespeare's sophisticated sources is largely unexamined. The topic of Shakespeare's sources leads inexorably to authorship heresy.
The following information about the conference is available on the British Shakespeare Association website:  

Currently in association with the Association of Adaptation Studies and the Cambridge Marlowe Society Proposals for academic papers and practical and educational workshops are invited on various aspects on the topic on Shakespeare: Sources and Adaptation to include:
Beyond Shakespeare Adaptation, Shakespeare for children and young people, Shakespeare’s Classical sources, Shakespeare’s Historical sources, Shakespeare in Art, Shakespeare in Music, Shakespeare on film and television, Foreign language adaptations of Shakespeare, Shakespeare’s influence on contemporary playwrights, and Shakespeare in 20th and 21st century fiction.
The conference is aimed at academics, theatre and film practitioners and teachers with some exciting speakers and sessions confirmed, including Carol Ann Duffy, Michael Rosen, Professor Helen Cooper, RSC new writing department and Theatre Royal Bury.
A free sample of the British Shakespeare Association's journal, Shakespeare, is available by request online From Taylor and Francis at: The aims of the journal are described on the site:
Its principal aim is to bridge the gap between the disciplines of Shakespeare in Performance Studies and Shakespeare in English Literature and Language. The journal builds on the existing aim of the British Shakespeare Association, to exploit the synergies between academics and performers of Shakespeare.

The BSA's devotion to this synergy is heartening because actors -- such as Sir Derek Jacobi, Mark Rylance, Jeremy Irons, Michael York, and James Newcomb -- seem particularly open to the Shakespeare authorship question. (See signatories of the Declaration of Reasonable Doubt About the Identity of William Shakespeare)

Also four Shakespeare journal virtual special issues on the topics of: Hamlet, Reinventing Digital Shakespeare, Recent Work in Shakespearean Studies, and Shakespeare and Film are available free from the Taylor and Francis site.

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