Monday, April 4, 2011

Propeller tour in Boston May 18- June 19, 2011

In my life, peak experiences always come as a shock; unmitigated joy is always a surprise to me. I wasn’t keen on seeing Propeller. I was afraid they might be one of those Shakespeare companies that substitute butchers’ offal for clear and honest delivery of the language. Oh, I was so wrong. From Richard’s first discontented sneer I knew I was in good hands. Every furnishing, costume, sound, light, movement, and speech express the highest degree of artifice. Every rumored excess from the disembowelment in Richard III to the naked clown with the lit sparkler protruding from his bum in Comedy of Errors serve the drama. If you love Shakespeare, do not pass an opportunity to see this company.
Leslie Staunton at UMS Lobby reported that Propeller will be back in the USA this spring, at the Boston University Theater after their successful run at the Power Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where Oberon had the opportunity to see their current tour of Richard III and Comedy of Errors.
May 18 - June 19 2011
Huntington Theatre Company, B.U. Theatre, Boston
Box Office: 617 266 0800
NYT interview with Propeller artistic director Edward Hall, "A Pop-culture twist on Shakespeare . . ." written March 17 and published March 28, 2011.