Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Anonymous opens at selected theaters Oct. 28 in SE Michigan

Roland Emmerich's film, Anonymous, about the Shakespeare authorship controversy will open in southeast Michigan theaters on October 28, 2011. SONY representative Stephanie Gonzales said the film will open at the following theaters:
AMC Livonia, Livonia (9:30a, 12:35p, 3:35p, 6:40 p, 9:45p)
Emagine Novi, Novi
Uptown 8, Birmingham
MJR Marketplace Sterling Heights, Sterling Heights
NCG Eastwood Cinemas, Lansing
Goodrich Quality, Ann Arbor (11a, 1:40p, 4:20p, 7p, 9:40p)

According to Moviefone Internet resource: MJR in Sterling Heights, AMC in Livonia and Emagine in Novi will screen a midnight showing of Anonymous at 12:01 a.m. Friday, Oct. 28 (just after midnight tomorrow, Thursday, night)

Gonzales said Anonymous will open next week, November 4, at local Celebration Cinemas and IMAX, Grand Rapids.

Tickets and showtimes, click here

Listing of reviews and commentary on Roland Emmerich's film, Anonymous:

Update 09/10/11:
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Update 09/12/11:
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Update 09/13/11:
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Update 09/14/11:
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ReelZ ". . . new Anonymous preview clips"
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Update 09/16/11:
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Update 09/19/11:
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Update 09/25/11:
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Update 09/26/11:
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Update 09/30/11:
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Update 10/01/11:
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Update 10/2011
Brooklyn Rail "A Binary Star with Anonymous"

Update 10/05/11
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Update 10/09/11
The Telegraph/London "Was William Shakespeare a fraud?"

Update 10/10/11
Michigan Times "Emmerich film sparks debate" (Elizabeth LeBlanc)

Update 10/13/11
On The Box "London Film Festival Interview: Artistic Director Sandra Hebron"

Update 10/14/11
ABC News "Anonymous: New Hollywood Film Shows William Shakespeare as Someone Else"

Update 10/16/11
Daily Beast/Newsweek "The Shakespeare Shakedown"

Update 10/17/11
Moviefone "Was Shakespeare a fraud? 'Anonymous' screenwriter John Orloff sure thinks so"
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Update 10/18/11
The Australian "Film casts fresh doubt on Shakespeare's authenticity"

Update 10/20/11
Chicago Sun Times "Film asks: Was Shakespeare a Fraud?"
Santa Monica Daily Press "Movie review: the case for Edward de Vere"

Update 10/21/11
ConsortiumNews "Intriguing Shakespeare Author Mystery"

Update 10/22&23/11
New York Times "Wouldn't It Be Cool if Shakespeare Wasn't Shakespeare?"
New York Times "Roland Emmerich's Anonymous seeks to unmask Shakespeare/Brush up your Shakespeare, or Whoever"
The Atlantic "The Anonymous question: Did Shakespeare write Shakespeare?"
Orlando Sentinel "Where Rhys Ifans stands on the whole 'Who wrote Shakespeare's plays thing'"
BBC News "Vanessa Redgrave on 'Fakespeare' theory" 
San Francisco Chronicle "Ifans takes on real bard in Anonymous" Pam Grady

Update 10/24/11
BBC America "Did Shakespeare really write his plays? A few theories examined"
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Update 10/25/11
The Guardian "Shakespeare film Anonymous has lost plot Stratford says . . ."
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New York Observer "Anonymous gives the mystery of who wrote Shakespeare's plays a very good name"
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Update 10/26/11
Movie Fanatic "Anonymous exclusive: Rafe Spall spills Shakespeare's secrets"
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The Guardian "Out dam'd conspiracy! Shakespeare was no fraud" Michael Dobson
Cinema Blend "Explaining the concept behind Roland Emmerich's Anonymous" Orloff interview by Katey Rich
Associated Press "Emmerich and Ifans cast doubt on Shakespeare" YouTube, interview

Update 10/27/11
New York Times "Who wrote Shakespeare's plays (letters to the editor)"
Daily Mail "Pretentious, preposterous Anonymous is a Tudor turkey"
Los Angeles Times "Roland Emmerich's Anonymous shakes up Shakespeare scholars"
New York Times "How could a commoner write such great plays?" AO Scott
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Chicago Tribune "Elizabethan lit intrigue proves not that intriguing in Anonymous . . . "
New York Times "Who wrote Shakespeare, who cares?"
NPR "Anonymous -- stylish claptrap by any other name" Bob Mandello
Minneapolis Post "Anonymous and Shakespeare: Who really wrote the plays?" Susan Perry
The Guardian "Our film Anonymous asks viewers to think for themselves . . ." John Orloff
Pasadena Star News "Larry Wilson: will of any other name smell as sweet?" (re: SOS VP Colum Gilfillian)
The Guardian "Roland Emmerich: appetite for deconstruction" Damon Wise (extraordinary review/interview)
The Guardian "Anonymous: review" Peter Bradshaw
Slate "Anonymous" Dana Stevens
Huffington Post "Shakespeare authorship question" John Orloff
Associated Press "'Anonymous' Shakespeare film ruffles academic feathers" Jocelyn Noveck
Minneapolis Post "Anonymous and Shakespeare: who really wrote the plays?" Susan Perry (Mark Anderson interview)
USA Today "Who wrote Shakespeare? . . . "  Maria Puente (Richard Joyrich quoted)
USA Today "Anonymous doesn't quite live up to Shakespeare's name"  Claudia Puig (review)

Update 10/28/11
Globe and Mail "Anonymous, a Shakespearean whodunnit"
Las Angeles Times "Movie review: Anonymous" Betsy Sharkey
New Yorker "Shakespearean actors on the Oxfordian theory" Michael Schulman
Hollywood Reporter "How Roland Emmerich made Anonymous on a Budget" Karsten Kastelan
BBC "Anonymous: Roland Emmerich stirs up Shakespeare debate" Tim Masters
Houston Chronicle "Plenty of poetic license in Anonymous" Amy Biancolli
CNN "Anonymous claims about Shakespeare ignore history" Stanley Wells (inadvertently hilarious)
Boston Herald "Bard flick plays the fool" 
Boston Globe "Anonymous movie review" Wesley Morris
Catholic Herald/UK "Anonymous should be ignored by all Shakespeare lovers" Francis Phillips
NPR KUCC/KUOR Shakespeare Fellowship President Earl Showerman guest on Patt  Morrison show, podcast at
Denver Post "Taking down Shakespeare" 
Rolling Stone "Anonymous review" Peter Travers

Update 10/29/11
Stage Mom "Anonymous tales" (Michael Egan speaks at SW Shakespeare Co. fundraiser)

Update 10/31/11
Box Office Magazine "Screenwriter John Orloff . . ." Vizcarrondo (interview)
Box Office Magazine "Anonymous director Roland Emmerich" Vizcarrondo (interview)

Update 11/01/11
New University "Anonymous no longer" 
Montreal Gazette "How Shakespeare could write Shakespeare" Holgar Syme (belittling the writer to make the shoe fit)

Update 11/04/11
The Guardian "Shakespeare -- a fraud? Anonymous is ridiculous" James Shapiro

Update 11/07/11
Daily Campus "A famous bard or a famous penname?"
Smithsonian "William Shakespeare - gangster" (bio of Shaxper)

Update 11/08/11
The Telegraph "Was William Shakespeare a Fraud?" (Wells/Beauclerk video debate) Zoe Dare Hall
Globe & Mail "Did Shakespeare write Shakespeare?" (Globe & Mail theater critic J. Kelly Nestruck said, "And so, we must insult and belittle the Shakespeare deniers until they get embarrassed and shut the hell up.")

Ongoing: Rotten Tomatoes "Anonymous" (2011)