Monday, October 31, 2011

SARC schedules "The Anonymous Colloquium" for January 28 & 29, 2012

Shakespeare Authorship Research Centre (SARC) Director Dan Wright, PhD announced that SARC and Portland Center Stage will host "The Anonymous Colloquium" on January 28 and 29, 2012 at the Gerding Theatre at the Armory in downtown Portland, Oregon. Wright said that the purpose of the colloquium is to ". . . discuss approaches to teaching the Shakespeare authorship question with the aid of [Roland Emmerich's film] Anonymous and to develop a curriculum that the SARC will publish for use in schools, colleges and universities across the USA and around the world."

Wright described the goals of the colloquium to readers of the SARC electronic mailing list:
We are going to use teacher-inspired and student-informed ideas to create options for schools, universities and lay forums to use so they can utilize [Roland Emmerich's film] Anonymous, in whole or in part, in teaching situations that are adaptable not only to audiences but to time, place and perspective as well.
Sony's corporate product* may be an option for some who want a ready-made product with application to what they assess their particular or limited needs to be, but we think that it's not the best (or should be the only choice) . . . for presenters who may be restricted by time, scope and audience and who will need alternatives that address varied situations and exigencies.
We want to see supplemental materials used in forums that allow for such variables, including the use of other films such as Shakespeare in Love and perhaps some of the forthcoming films and books that propose to supplement the attention drawn to the [Shakespeare authorship question] by Anonymous, as well as rival theories, theoreticians and candidates that do not include the Earl of Oxford as the most likely candidate for Shake-speare.
(* Note: Wright refers here to the high school and college Shakespeare authorship curricula based on Roland Emmerich's film, Anonymous, and developed for Sony by Young Minds Inspired educational resource.)

The cost of "The Anonymous Colloquium is $100; register online at