Thursday, October 17, 2013

Images from Toronto conference2013

Oberon member Ron Halsted, after successful presentation on the "Dangerous Timeliness of Julius Caesar"

Bonner Cutting, SF trustee

Roger Stritmatter and Wally Hurst discuss Hurst's presentation on examining evidence in early modern authorship. UPDATE DEC 7 2013: Hurst's address now available on YouTube at:

Anthony Pointon and Heward Wilkinson in from England will present this weekend.

Hanno Wember from Germany and Michael Kositsky discuss Wember's presentation of Robert Detobel's "The Outcast State".

Richard Joyrich, SOS trustee relaxes after a successful conference launch,

Note: We were very sorry to hear that Ron Hess and family members were in an auto collision on their way to the conference with no injuries, but Hess will not attend the conference to present his paper on Oxford'ssecretary hand. We send our best wishes for their speedy recovery from their trauma.

As SAC's John Shahan said in an email to colleagues, Toronto welcomes Oxfordians in Globe & Mail article.