Sunday, November 24, 2013

Foote publishes Brazil's Angel Day

Robert Brazil's childhood friend and publisher, Jefferson Foote, announced that Brazil's unpublished manuscript, Angel Day, the English Secretary, and the Seventeenth Earl of Oxford, is now available as a paperback from Amazon.

The description of Angel Day, etc. says:
. . . In this volume, Robert Brazil reports his research into the life of Angel Day and The English Secretary's broad influence on Elizabethan writers, including Shakespeare. Day was the English Secretary -- to Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, to whom every edition was dedicated. Brazil shows evidence that the two men worked together to produce the book, Day being the loyal, practical conduit for the erratic co-contributions of an eccentric genius.
Upon learning of Brazil's death in 2010, and with the approval of Brazil's family, Foote undertook to publish Brazil's lifework beginning with Edward DeVere and the Shakespeare Printers that Foote published in 2012 under the name of his Seattle-based research firm, Cortical Output, LLC.

Foote said of the publication of Edward DeVere and the Shakespeare Printers:
Rob's dad . . . was overjoyed to be reminded of the respect and affection accorded Rob within the Oxfordian community. The reception of the Edward de Vere book -- at that time a few hundred copies had been sold -- confirmed for him that Rob had made a contribution to scholarship of lasting value. Hopefully, Angel Day will add to that.
Foote plans to release the Kindle edition of Angel Day, etc. by the second week of December. For more information about the publication of Edward de Vere and the Shakespeare Printers see "Jefferson Foote Publishes Brazil . . ." on the Oberon blog, January 12, 2012. For more insight into the work of Robert Sean Brazil visit his Elizabethan Authors website published in collaboration with Barboura Flues.