Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Oberons said goodbye to Townsends at April meeting

Tom and Joy Townsend

Oberons said goodbye last night to our great friends Tom and Joy Townsend who depart May 9 for Seattle, Washington. Tom has served as treasurer of Oberon since its very first meeting in 1999 until he relinquished his treasury duties to serve as co-chair and chair of Oberon for the past two years. Tom's charm and intelligence have been mainstays of our Michigan band and we will miss him and Joy more than we can say. But they have already been welcomed by the Seattle Oxfordian contingent, and Tom is scheduled to present a paper at the Seattle Shakespeare Oxford Society. Words cannot express our deepest wishes for their very great happiness in their new home.

We all celebrated Shakespeare's 450th UN-birthday together with a delicious UN-birthday cake!
Shakespeare's UN-birthday cake!

Celebrating Shakespeare's 450th UN-birthday April 28, 2014 at the Bloomfield Twp. Library: 
Rosey Hunter, Rey Perez, John Rumierz,
Richard Joyrich, Tom Townsend, Joy Townsend, Sharon Hunter
(Present but not in photo: George Hunter and Linda Theil)