Wednesday, August 22, 2007

As You Like It on HBO

I was able to see the premiere of As You Like It at my sister's house here in Providence. She also taped it for me, so thank you to those of you who may have done this for me per my last E-mail. You should keep your recordings at put them to good use later.

Anyway, for those who haven't seen it, I recommend it highly. You can check the link Laura provided in the previous blog for the schedule. I think it is very good. It sure beats what Branaugh did for Loves Labors Lost! This production is very lavish and high-spirited. It reminded me of Branaugh's Much Ado. The casting is good. Bryce Dallas Howard (recently seen in Spiderman 3 and movies by M. Night Shamalayan) was Rosalind. David Oyelowo (who has been in many movies, but I remember him playing Henry VI when the RSC came to Ann Arbor for the first time with their "marathon" production of all 3 parts of Henry VI and also Richard III) was Orlando. Alfred Molina and Kevin Kline had nice roles as Touchstone and Jacques. Although Branaugh did not have a role, some of his "stable of actors" (who have been in all of his Shakespeare movies) were there, including Brian Blessed as BOTH dukes, Richard Briers as Old Adam (the role some "scholars" maintain was played by Will Shakespeare), and Jimmy Yuill as Sylvius.

So, once again, see it if you can!


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