Monday, August 9, 2010

Cleveland Plain Dealer features Theil comment on review of Shapiro

The Cleveland Plain Dealer featured my comment on their Saturday review of Contested Will in their Books Comment of the Day column this morning. I got a kick out of seeing this headline:
Books Comment of the Day: 'I say that the authorship question is worth exploring'

I submitted the comment yesterday in reply to David Walton's August 7, 2010 review titled:
'Contested Will' from James Shapiro is solid examination of William Shakespeare

Here's the first paragraph of my comment that also features the first sentence of Walton's review:
Regarding your statement, "The question of who else besides William Shakespeare could have written the poems and plays of Shakespeare is undoubtedly one of the most useless, fruitless, and irresolvable that humankind could devise.", I reply that the fact that the authorship inquiry is of no importance to you does not mean that the topic is of no importance.

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