Monday, August 16, 2010

Stratford 2010

Thanks so much, Oberoners, for making my birthday so memorable and such fun. I didn't even realize that anyone knew the date of my birthday, so I was taken by surprise. I was given some lovely gifts and a perfectly delicious cake, guaranteed to put at least five pounds on anyone who tasted it.

While we were in Stratford, Michael and I watched The Tempest, which is a must see for anyone able to visit. Christopher Plummer is the best Prospero either of us have seen, although his sails lost a little wind near the end. Julyana Soelistyo, as Ariel, was extrordinary, and the three revellers, Bruce Dow, Geraint Wyn Davies, and Dion Johnstone (Caliban) were hysterically funny. The scene with Ferdinand, Miranda, and the logs had the audience rolling in the aisles--or should that be isles?--but I don't think I should say why as it would spoil the surprise. The masque appeared to be truncated--what would a modern audience make of it, after all?--but the special effects for it were incredible, unearthly. Highly recommended!

We also saw Kiss Me Kate. It was a bit of a letdown. The whole production was way too loud, and Bianca's voice, both speaking and singing, was so screechy she was incomprehensible. I wish I'd taken earplugs. I'd hoped for more dancing, but with the exception of one number, didn't see very much at all. It was the poorest musical we'd seen at Stratford in several years.

We're going to see Evita in October, and hope to get back to see the other "Oxford" plays before Stratford is over for the year.

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Linda Theil said...

Welcome, Lynne! Since you and Michael are now honorary Oberons, we hope to hear from you often : )