Thursday, June 16, 2011

Keir Cutler premiers new show in Montreal

Actor and playwright Keir Cutler premiered a new, one-act play June 11, 2011 at the Montreal Fringe Festival 2011. The two-man show, Teaching Hamlet, with Culter and Brett Watson will run through June 19, 2011 at Fire Station No. 14 in Montreal. The show was mentioned yesterday in an article titled "Montreal Fringe Festival: Even eccentrics are as good as their word" by Pat Donnelly in the Montreal Gazette. Donnelly said:
Teaching Hamlet: Keir Cutler's latest variation on the wacky Shakespearean professor theme pits the Oxfordians (those who believe Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, wrote the Complete Works) against the Stratfordians (those who believe Shakespeare wrote his own plays). A fanatic Oxfordian scholar (Cutler) lures a young actor (Brett Watson), currently starring in Hamlet, into his studio to record a pro-Oxfordian video for cash. He claims the board of directors of his organization is watching from the control booth. What ensues is an intelligent, hilarious word wrangle over authorship of the plays, as the worlds of theatre and academia are cleverly juxtaposed.
We wonder if Cutler might have been inspired by his experience creating the pro-Oxfordian video, "Shakespeare Authorship Question: Why was I never told this?" that he recorded last fall for the Shakespeare Authorship Coalition. We would really like to know who might have been the inspiration for the fanatic Oxfordian scholar.

Cutler will be performing Teaching Hamlet at the Montreal Fringe Festival through June 19, 2011; schedule below.
Teaching Hamlet by Keir Cutler
at the Montreal Fringe Festival 2011.
An actor and an intellect face-off over Shakespeare and Hamlet.
Starring Brett Watson and Keir Cutler, directed by Paul Hopkins.
All performances at Fire Station No. 14, 4247 St-Dominique (just north of Rachel)
Sat. June 11 @ 23:00, Sun. June 12 @ 17:00 Mon. June 13 @ 19:45, Tue. June 14 @ 22:45, Fri. June 17 @ 18:15, Sat. June 18 @ 20:00, Sun. June 19 @ 15:00.

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