Monday, June 20, 2011

Oberon yearbook for 2010 available now

Yes, that's Lynne Kositsky and her husband Michael on the cover of the Oberon Shakespeare Study Group yearbook for 2010 -- now available to order from Blurb. The yearbook contains copies of all the posts from our Oberon web-log for the entire year of 2010. This is the third in the series of yearbooks that chronicle the news and ideas of Oberon and the Shakespeare authorship community. The preview above allows readers to examine the entire 120-page book, and a permanent preview badge will be included in this web-log's sidebar for future reference. The cost of the publication in paperback is $34.95 plus shipping; Oberon receives no part of the cost of the book which goes entirely to the on-demand publisher, Blurb. 

2010 highlights include:
Was Shakespeare gay?
Richard Joyrich speaks to Lanier claim to Shakespeare authorship
Who is this baby?
90 posts in all

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