Friday, June 17, 2011

SF weighs in on Anonymous and Prince Tudor

Shakespeare Fellowship president Earl Showerman reported Tuesday (June 14, 2011) that the fellowship has issued a statement about Roland Emmerich's upcoming film on the Shakespeare authorship question, Anonymous. Showerman said:
A majority of the trustees of the Shakespeare Fellowship recently approved a statement regarding the anticipated plot of Roland Emmerich's feature film, Anonymous. This statement will be published later this year in Shakespeare Matters, the newsletter of the Shakespeare Fellowship.
The entire statement is available on the Shakespeare Fellowship News page under the title "SF board re: Prince Tudor: The Shakespeare Fellowship commends Roland Emmerich for directing the film, Anonymous, but stresses that this production’s 'Prince Tudor' narratives are not essential to the theory that the Earl of Oxford was the writer 'Shakespeare.'"

UPDATE 7/15/11: This statement was repudiated by the SF board July 15, 2011. See "Fellowship shoves genie back in bottle".

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