Monday, June 20, 2011

Tom Hunter says Oberon meets June 23, 2011

Oberon Chair Tom Hunter says:

While taking time off for Father's Day (my favorite gift--an hour of peace and quiet -- this is easy on the credit card) and for our nephew's birthday this weekend, I didn't e-mail you the heads-up for our June 23 meeting this Thursday evening at the Farmington Community Library at 32737 W. Twelve Mile Rd. between Orchard Lake Rd. and Farmington Rd. at 7 p.m.
So here it is!
First, we will be hearing some amazing news from the Anonymous film people.  This is, of course, the feature length Roland Emmerich film about how DeVere came to be Shakespeare. Anticipation and excitement are building for this event. Come hear how we Oberoners will be involved!
Plus we have our next exciting installment in our voyage through The Merchant of Venice. This will be a crucial part of the story, how the play is no funky, weird, mean exercise in filling the seats of London theaters but how it was written for the quite opposite purpose as an appeal to the humanitarian instincts which will allow human beings to put aside their hatreds and come together as one. You will hear about Shakespeare as you have never heard about him before.
Plus, plus we have our regular features as we hear from what our various members have been up to.
Looking forward to seeing everyone again Thursday night!
Tom Hunter
Oberon Chair