Friday, March 7, 2014

Detobel reviews SBD? in German journal Theaterforschung

Neue Shake-speareGesellschaft (New Shakespeare Society) board member Hanno Wember reports from Hamburg, Germany:
After Don Rubin’s recently published brilliant review in Critical Stages we have now a review from Robert Detobel in Germany (written in English). Background information:On 9. October 2013 the German online publication Theaterforschung (“theatre-research”) had a review in English of Shakespeare Beyond Doubt (Edmonton, Wells) by Michael Heinze. Although mainly in consent with orthodoxy, it showed some openness in the last sentence:
It has to be mentioned that the fierceness of the debate can be read from the fact that Shakespeare Beyond Doubt. Evidence, Argument, Controversy was published on April 18, 2013 and was followed on June 11 (both publishing dates according to by Shakespeare Beyond Doubt? Exposing an Industry in Denial, edited by John M. Shahan and Alexander Waugh of The Shakespeare Authorship Coalition (Tamarac, FL: Llumina Press, ISBN 978-1-62550-033-5, $ 20.95). Controversial academic publishing does not come any more instantaneous, but this second book should be reviewed elsewhere.
Theaterforschung now published the requested review of SBT?- also in English:
Reported by Hanno Wember 
 See also Oberon post dated March 3, 2014 by Richard Joyrich titled "Professor Rubin reviews SBD and SBD? in Critical Stages".