Monday, March 3, 2014

Professor Rubin reviews SBD and SBD? in Critical Stages

by Richard Joyrich

Professor Don Rubin, of York University in Toronto, who organized the recently concluded and very successful Annual Joint Conference of the Shakespeare Oxford Society and the Shakespeare Fellowship in Toronto (at which the two organizations united to become the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship) has scored a major opportunity.

In the current (February) issue of Critical Stages, the online journal of the IATC (International Association of Theatre Critics) Professor Rubin has a wonderful review of the two "competing" books Shakespeare Beyond Doubt (edited by Stanley Wells and Paul Edmonson) and Shakespeare Beyond Doubt? (edited by John Shahan and Alexander Waugh).

This is a review that everyone should read. It really compares the tactics and arguments of both books and comes to the proper conclusion (in my opinion) of which book really is about evidence and which book is more of a "smokescreen".

The IATC was formed in 1956 in Paris under the guidance of UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) as a Non-Governmental Organization. It currently represents people from approximately 60 nations.

Critical Stages, the online journal of this organization, is apparently published in both English and French.

I am so pleased that Don Rubin's review will be able to have such a widespread audience.

If you would like to read this review (and why wouldn't you?) go to the following link (link courtesy of Mark Anderson):

You won't regret it.

Way to go, Don!