Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday fellowship

A dozen Oberon members gathered  in the garden room at Hogan's restaurant on Twelve Mile last evening for our annual holiday get-together. Richard Joyrich toasted Oberons present and absent. We spoke of beads, books, grand-babies, work, travel, Anonymous, the SAC rebuttal to SBT, and where and when we will meet in the future now that the Farmington Hills Community Library is not available to us. Rosey Hunter spoke of support by friends and family and we felt the loss of our dear friend, Tom, so very much. Tom Townsend shared that he is preparing a version of his and Tom Hunter's joint paper on Romeo and Juliet -- that he delivered at the 2011 SOS/SF conference -- for a future edition of The Oxfordian. We are grateful to Tom Townsend and Richard Joyrich for making the arrangements to allow us to share fellowship on a rainy night in Michigan and we all wish our readers the joys of conviviality this holiday season.