Friday, December 30, 2011

Malim book published by McFarland

DeVere Society Secretary Richard Malim has announced the publication of his book The Earl ofOxford and the Making of “Shakespeare”: The Literary Life of Edward De Vere in Context by McFarland. The book is currently available.

McFarland said:
The identity of Shakespeare, the most important poet and dramatist in the English language, has been debated for centuries. This historical work investigates the role of Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, establishing him as most likely the author of Shakespeare’s literary oeuvre. Topics include the historical background of English literature from 1530 through 1575, major contemporary transitions in the theatre, and a linguistically rich examination of Oxford’s life and the events leading to his literary prominence. The sonnets, Oxford’s early poetry, juvenile "pre-Shakespeare" plays, and his acting career are of particular interest. An appendix examines the role of the historical William Shakespeare and how he became associated with Oxford’s work.
Note: More information, including an excerpt from his book, is available from Malim by contacting him at A substantial discount is available to DeVere Society members who contact him directly.